CabbyPay Features

How It Works?


  • Create an account.
    Its simple 1 min process.
  • Get a Unique Code.
    Automatically generated for you.
  • Get 100% FREE credit card processing.
    Yes,.you keep 100% of your money.
  • Get your money with in minutes.
    The waiting game is over.
  • Get free dispatch/leads.
    Free mobile app dispatch service.
  • Take credit card payments.
    Use your phone to process CC payments.
  • No equipment to buy or lease.
    100% web based & free to use.


  • Create an account.
    Its Simple 1 min process.
  • Fast, secure & convenient.
    Pay your taxi cab fare in 20 seconds or less!
  • Using a credit card to pay.
    We use 128-bit encryption that banks use.
  • Pay with a credit card. Easy as 123.
    Enter drivers code, amount & submit!
  • Never lose your receipt again.
    Sent via text message instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CabbyPay?

CabbyPay's ultimate goal is making the taxi cab payment system much more faster and fun to use while making it much more friendlier to the hard working cab drivers. Registered cab drivers at CabbyPay do not pay any credit card processing fees, its 100% free for any cab driver to use and we also pay the drivers with in minutes of them accepting payment via CabbyPay. Cab drivers currently pay up to 8% credit card processing fees in some cities with the average being 5%, and waste valuable time just to collect their hard earned money.

Why use CabbyPay?

CabbyPay is fast, fun, secure & convenient. We at CabbyPay are proud to announce that we are the only company of our kind to provide 100% free service to the cab drivers nationwide. Its a fact that most cab driver prefer to be paid with cash versus credit card payment, not because cab drivers do not realize that most people do not carry cash around any more or paying with credit cards is much more easier but because of the reality that most cab drivers have to go through just to collect their hard earned money. But the long awaited change has arrived, with CabbyPay registered cab drivers in any city will not have to pay any money to process their credit card payments and also drivers will get their money in minutes, not days. That is why we think you should use CabbyPay!

Credit card safety?

cabbyPay uses the same 128-bit encryption that banks use, and CabbyPay does not at any given time store your personal data with in CabbyPay servers. It is 100% safe and secure to use CabbyPay to pay your taxi cab fare at any time.

How much does CabbyPay cost?

cabbyPay is 100% free to use for all CabbyPay registered taxi cab drivers. Yes 100% FREE! CabbyPay is also 100% FREE for customers to use!

Got a question? Reach out to CabbyPay!

CabbyPay is constantly evolving, so if you notice a bug or have a question or suggestion please drop us a line at, we really want to hear from you! CabbyPay's ultimate goal is to make every cab ride, in every city a fun and pleasant one, with one cab ride at a time!.
705 Liberty ave
Pittsburgh PA 15222